Best Podcast Host of 2019
Powerhouse Global London, UK

Powerhouse Global Magazine recognized me at Best Podcast Host of 2019 in London. It's great to be honored by your peers. What's better is knowing that by extension, it means that you are powerfully impacting the world.

So I've decided to share the wealth!

Look forward to more dynamic guest in 2020!

You deserve the best

About Cordelia Gaffar
Replenish Me Live was created for YOU.

I know you are exhausted, overwhelmed, and ready for change.

I see YOU.

Are you crying out to be replenished? Do you understand what that means anymore?

Hi I'm Cordelia Gaffar, the Emotions Opener Transformation Strategist helping female change makers and entrepreneurs to use your emotions as a power source, so that you show up in the world free to be your true self.

What do I know about this?

After leaving my corporate career as a controller for an IT start-up, I chose to homeschool my children which involved coordinating activities in the homeschooling community, running girl scout and boy scout troops and much more. Having already had two miscarriages and postpartum depression juggling a family and high pressure career, I was ready to restructure my life in a way which allowed my true self to emerge. In my refresh phase, I emerged as an author sharing my first book, Guide How to Get Started with Workout Around My Day in community workshops and eventually as a coach.

Now five years into building my speaking and coaching business, I have deepened my sustainable system of self-nurturing with my clients called the Replenish Me Program. This is the road map to being free to focus on developing the true self: release, restructure, refresh and rebirth.

In 2019 I won the Powerhouse Global Award for Best Podcast Host of 2019 in the UK and Volunteer of Year of DMV by ACHI magazine. In total, I've written 5 books including two co-author projects including best-selling America’s Leading Ladies: who positively impact the world with Oprah Winfrey, Malika Chopra, and several other dynamic women. In 2020 I have a few books soon to be released Smart Fem Success with Lea Woodford and my own book surrounding case studies and research on emotional mastery. Most recently she has been selected Ambassador of Peace by INSPAD and Director for the USA chapter.

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