Joy and Presence Circle of Leaders

Join an upcoming Joy and Presence Circle of Leaders, my one-year immersion in the principles and practices of Creating Joy and Presence. This program is not for the timid or half-hearted. The commitment it requires is substantial, both financially and emotionally. You will be called into a radically deep level of agency and power to create everything in your world. If you're concerned you're 'not ready' or 'not successful enough', then now is the time for you to lean in. (It includes the Honduras retreat July 18-24, 2023.)
The next one begins September 7, 2022. 

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Fall is the perfect time to release your barriers.  The longer, warmer days are often accompanied by an energy of relaxation, play and joy—the exact qualities that inspire new ideas, possibilities and higher level thinking.


Plus, when I think summer camp, I think fun! Meeting new people, sharing in activities, stretching your comfort zone by taking courageous action—that’s the name of the game. I can’t imagine a better way for coaches to come together in service to learning and growth.


This is why the next circle of leaders begins September 7, 2022.

Speak with Inner Compassion even when it's hard and retrain the people around you

Self-Empowerment is rebirth. It is the compassionate and empathetic leadership within.


My Story


How do you release your barriers? 


I never realized how much I was holding on to until I opened myself up to my own depth AND I discovered so many barriers!! I knew it was Time to let them go…but how? 


That would mean discomfort 😫yes and eventually the #pleasure of #joy Join me this July to discover how to Release your barriers 

You are the calm in the chaos...or at least for now you desire to be. I am that and it has taken me a lifetime of exploration, leaning into my vulnerability, being with my emotions. In celebration of my birthday month, I am inviting you to Release all the barriers that keep from being Calm.


Seek what you truly desire:


Self-compassion so that you seamlessly embrace self-forgiveness

as you strengthen that muscle your self-belief will build

and as your muscle memory becomes reprogrammed you establish self-trust. This is when you radiate what you truly desire and magnetize it to you!


How, you ask? My Replenish Me ™ Process is more than a four step process. It is a way of life. Release is the embodiment of self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-belief and self-trust. Are you ready?




The World's Best Joy Monger

Cordelia Gaffar is the World’s Best Joy Monger helping people to reveal their joy within.  Joy Mongering is a word she created after experiencing the brunt of people’s fear as a Muslim woman. In fact she has created a process she calls Replenish Me ™ to help you transmute fear, rage and anger into Joy. In one of her eight books, Detached Love: Transforming Your Heart So That You Can Transform Your Mind, she breaks down the Replenish Me ™ process through her research, client stories and her personal vulnerable shares.


The multidimensional genius she is, is further demonstrated as the mother of six children whom I homeschooled for 17 years; host of two host podcasts. She won Best Podcast Host for her solo show called Free to Be Show and collaborates as a co-host on Unlearning Labels.  In summary, she has won multiple awards: Best Podcast Host of 2019, Top National Influencer, Sexy Brilliant Leader, and inducted into the Global Library of Female Authors in 2020; and in 2021 nominated for Author of the Year and Health and Wellness Coach of the Year. She has also won the Brainz Global 500 Award of Influencers and Entrepreneurs for 2021 and won BOOKS for PEACE 2022 award.


She has been featured on America Meditating Radio, British Muslim TV, Spirituality Podcast, also featured on South African radio 786, and Fox News.