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Unlearning Labels Podcast

Enjoy discussions on Clubhouse

On January 27th I  launched a new podcast with my wonderful two co-host Mira Griffiths and Peter Griffiths

The podcast explores all things relating to #diversity, #equity and #inclusion and their first topic is to dive into the Generational Gap.

We are excited to launch our collaborative podcast about all things diversity, equity and inclusion. For our first topic, we will dive into the Generational Gap. Join us live every last Wednesday of the month for the recording of each episode and continue the conversation with us on Clubhouse, every Thursday at 2 pm EST / 8 pm CET. Follow us on Clubhouse @themindtakeaway @cordeliagaffar @petergriffiths

If you would like us to help you address any of the topics we explore during the show, such as Diversity & Inclusion, Cultural Change, Leadership Development, or 121 Executive Coaching. Please contact us via www.unlearninglabels.com or reach out to us via LinkedIn. 

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Conversations that will change the world!




In my work as a therapist, coach and a leader I have learned 3 things that lead to any transformation:


1. Be present and listen to understand

2. Be curious, not judgemental

3. Be open to change, in other words - go there first


Cordelia Gaffar, Peter Griffiths and I started a new podcast called Unlearning Labels with these three rules in mind.


Our mission is not to offer solutions, but to provide a safe space for conversations that impact individuals and organisations. In this way, they can better understand their challenges, and how we can help them grow and transform.


Each month on the last Wednesday, we dive into defining an aspect of allyship and diversity. Tune in as a team and make it part of your monthly staff meeting.


Mira Griffiths and Peter Griffiiths are Co-hosts of The Mind Takeaway


This week on Clubhouse

Aggression at work

The first step to transforming your heart is changing your vocabulary. What if you actively choose not to label people?

Before you batter me with your linguist argument for the purpose of adjectives, release the attachment what is accepted and expected. For the few moments I have your attention, open your heart to listen for understanding. Experiment with how it feels to unlearn labels. Are you willing?

Whether your answer is yes or no, join me this Thursday on Clubhouse with Peter Griffiths and Mira Griffiths

my co-instigators for our weekly discussion.

This week's topic? Aggression at work.

You maybe surprised how related your vocabulary is to your behavior. Will you be there at 2 pm EST/ 8 pm CET?

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