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Are you #free?


What choices are you making in each moment and interaction?


Is it resulting in a life you #desire or more of what you don’t?


I am excited to announce the Return of my #podcast, The Free to Be…Show! It will be streamed live weekly on Facebook, my YouTube channel and all podcast streaming platforms



The Free to Be Show is an exploration of how the inward shows up in our collective consciousness. It is the beauty of the full human experience. It is emotions and the lack of them. It is the politics of our minds conditioned by ourselves through our lens of society and the toxic loop of that. I will question how you contribute or choose not to everyday with you words and actions. Are you Free?

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Listen to my International Award Winning Podcast Weekly

Powerhouse Global Magazine recognized me at Best Podcast Host of 2019 in London. It's great to be honored by your peers. What's better is knowing that by extension, it means that you are powerfully impacting the world.


I won the Powerhouse Global Award for Best Podcast Host of 2019 in the UK and Volunteer of Year of DMV by ACHI magazine. In total, I've written 8 books including four co-author projects including best-selling America’s Leading Ladies: who positively impact the world with Oprah Winfrey, and led Begin with The Breath book project in 2021. In 2020 I was also selected Ambassador of Peace by INSPAD and Director for the USA chapter and published Detached Love, which expounds on my Replenish Me process.

After extreme life changes in 2021, I have now restarted the Free to Be Show with a slightly different twist going layers deeper questioning who you have to be to Be Free. Are you free?

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Business Ethics as a Believer
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Mothering as a Believer

Loving Our Mother and Being a Mother (YouTube Thumbnail) (Instagram Post) 1.png

Pursuing Marriage in Detachment with Zahra Al Jabri

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