The Women's Confidence Sanctuary starts January 6, 2021

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Most powerful and highly intelligent women, think that they are not or simply don't see themselves the way others perceive them. I guide you to see the YOU that you TRULY ARE. Face your fears, feelings, insecurities and embrace them and show up congruent!

Meet Cordelia

What most people DON'T know about me

What you don't know about me is the inner struggle and mental gymnastics it’s taken me to get here! What you don’t know is the daily self-doubt and hits I have endured to my self-belief. What you haven’t seen is the blood, sweat and tears of my five year journey in my business and the previous 13 years to even decide to start it. What you don’t know is you have to be your message to see your message. It’s not all about a catching or clever mission statement and vision. Not even an eye catching website, beautiful graphics or cool logo, it’s about what we commonly know as confidence. Confidence is built.

I understand accounting, tax and finance in a way that most coaches don't. I understand nutrition, exercise, and mindset. I'm a high-level coach and consultant.

My clients are mainly successful women who feel that they are underwater amidst the chaos of life.

But here's the thing—ALMOST NO ONE WOULD KNOW IT...

• Are you confident on the outside but quietly struggling on the inside?

• Are you successful in your career but secretly so burned out that you're worried your family or relationship is about to implode?

• Or are you on the cusp of your next level of success—but you just need the wind beneath your wings?

If any of these ring true, then you and I should have a conversation...


I’m now taking applications for my Women’s Confidence Sanctuary starting January 6. Before I tell you what IT is, I will show you who gets to be there. You have to be willing to be with your darkest emotions. You have to be willing to free yourself to be yourself. You have to desire to finally face what scares you speechless and motionless. What’s that for you?


For me those are also things I see as enriching moments in my life. Like the time I had two miscarriages in one year and was too ashamed to tell anyone what was happening. And when I finally had my next live birth but suffered postpartum depression. Again I was so riddled with shame for not being able to emotionally connect with my child. One of the most enriching moments was when I realized that I had exchanged my corporate career for motherhood and I had to prove myself in that by being the BEST homeschooling mom, of 6 children, doing all the things: running girl scout and boy scout troops, taking my children on field trips three times a week, organizing deliberate environments so that my children would know Muslim, non-Muslims, be able to navigate comfortable and uncomfortable environments and the list goes…


Are you seeing yourself yet?

Maybe you made the “proper” transition from corporate to motherhood by saving and starting your own business. Then you realized that you couldn’t do it all and your spouse was more supportive when you went to work and had stable income being directly deposited. Or perhaps you were so determined to break the mold of your family and not relive your mother’s life. She gave up all of her dreams for love and to raise you. You saw her financially and emotionally dependent on your dad and you decided that you would never do THAT! However, since you started your business and it hasn’t flourished yet you feel like you ARE doing exactly THAT! You feel trapped, scared and defeated….


The truth is you are only at the being of your journey. The fact is your vocabulary rules your world. The very thing about you that makes you feel lacking is the most enriching part of you and the very ESSENCE of who you ARE… You only have to find the joy in this process. You have to be willing to create that JOY in every moment of your life. You have to stay in the being of you and not in the doing. 


That’s what the Women’s Confidence Sanctuary is about. How to be with the YOU that you ARE and find joy in her. That doesn’t sound very specific does it? You may be thinking ok Cordelia, but what does that look like? Break down the modules, etc. I can do that AND it will seem even less specific. So here goes, together over six months we will:


  • Release from everything that is expected of you and every projection you have been accepting

  • Restructure by creating habits that honor your personal values. Your personal values are the ones separate from what you believe them to be

  • Refresh your inner and outer circle by only allowing people in your space who honor YOUR personal Values

  • Rebirth as the Confident Woman you truly ARE!


Are you ready? Schedule your call with this link.

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What most people know about me is that I spent a decade as a corporate accountant. I have worked for a law firm, a boutique CPA firm and I was the controller for an IT start-up. I have been a Business Development Manager and I am now a trusted advisor for women leaders.

I am a best-selling author and an award-winning speaker. I'm also a mother of 6 (yes six) children! And I homeschooled them all, while building my business and being a troop leader for The Girl Scouts of the USA.

I'm also have been an advisory board member for an organization—supporting survivors, thrivers, and conquerors of domestic and intimate partner violence and those still in the struggle and recently selected to join a board offering STEM programs to unserved youth. I also mentor teen moms in South Africa and sponsor an organization there.

I have won many awards, including Podcaster of the Year, Sexy Brilliant Leadership Award, Top Influencer, and Volunteer of the Year in DC, Maryland and Virginia.


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The Emotions Opener & Transformation Strategist



In 2020, Cordelia Gaffar has been nominated for Top National Influencer by the Success Women's Conference, Sexy Brilliant Ambassador and inducted into the Global Library of Female Authors by Ona Miller and hit best seller again with the 1 Habit for Success SmartFem Edition. Her own book related to her Replenish Me Process will be released later this year.

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