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Why the Joy and Presence Sanctuary?

It is time for you to absorb the goodness that you generate for others. It is time to be in your beingness and allow time for YOU. Commit to pouring into you so that you don't insert yourself and unnecessarily stress yourself. Be in your life through creating nurturing practices.

I meet with clients virtually in 6 and 12 month agreements, as well as in-person at two bi annual retreats. In 2023, those retreats will be in St. Martin in February and Honduras in  July. Additionally, you will have access to the group experience as well.

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How do YOU embody it all?

You have gone through all of the steps to create a new lifestyle. Now what? You have the inner knowing for all the things that you used to doubt.

Super Health Food

 Who knew we could explore pleasure so deeply? Knowing your intimate self is leadership.

You are on a path to emotional literacy.


Where do you see yourself going forward? What have you learned? Who are you now?

Now you have the inner knowing of how to detach and love. 

Meditating on the Beach

Release what's expected and accepted in all the ways that you currently constrict yourself. 

Restructure your life. Now it is time to go beyond the choices which created the habits that got you here.

The 5 Steps of Self-Nurturing are only the beginning of the reality behind your choices and it is the beginning.

You are now rerouting your neuro pathways and muscles memory of how your choices are made.


You will continue to build on your sustainable new lifestyle incorporating a new relationship with all forms of pleasure.


Access the Group

Combine your Joy with Replenish Me ™


Cordelia is Ultimate Joy Monger! Joy Mongering is a word she created from several life experiences and based on her philosophy that self-nurturing is freedom. In fact she has created a process she calls Replenish Me ™ to help you transmute fear, rage and anger into Joy. In one of her eight books, Detached Love: Transforming Your Heart Do That You Transform Your Mind, she breaks down the Replenish Me ™ process through her research, client stories and her personal vulnerable shares.

She is also the host of three host podcasts. She won Best Podcast Host for her solo show called Free to Be Show and collaborates as a co-host on Unlearning Labels and the Ultimate Coach Podcast. The multidimensional genius she is, is further demonstrated as the mother of six children whom I homeschooled for 17 years. In summary, she has won multiple awards: Best Podcast Host of 2019, Top National Influencer, Sexy Brilliant Leader, and inducted into the Global Library of Female Authors in 2020; and in 2021 nominated for Author of the Year and Health and Wellness Coach of the Year. She has also won the Brainz Global 500 Award of Influencers and Entrepreneurs for 2021 and won BOOKS for PEACE 2022 award, CREA Award.

She has been featured on America Meditating Radio, British Muslim TV, Spirituality Podcast, Ultimate Coach Podcast, also featured on South African radio 786, and Fox News.