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Why FoxFit

What is Detached Love?

Throughout Detached Love: Transforming Your Heart So That You Can Transform Your Mind we will dive deep into the inner and outer geography of our emotions. You will discover where they live in the body and how to receive them as well as how you can release and express both negative and positive emotions. You’ll learn about the heart cycles, disease and how we can heal our own bodies using our emotions as a power source. You’ll also learn how to restructure our mindset to pay attention to alert of an oncoming trigger, how to refresh your inner and outer world, and who is worthy of being in your close circle of friends and gets the privilege of highly influencing you. 

Are you ready to release, restructure, refresh and rebirth? Start by transforming your heart to transform your mind and implementing the activities in Detached Love. The Replenish Me ™ Membership is a great companion to restructuring your lifestyle. Cordelia Gaffar is works with women who are ready to taken action 1:1.

She also takes you into a deeper dive of the Replenish Me ™ steps and all of the juicy stories behind them.

Praise for Detached Love


My Books

I totally resonate with the caretaker/provider role. Cordelia, you captured it perfectly! I AM thrilled that you point out the essential, and absolute need for nurturing ourSelf…Self care! Otherwise, all hell breaks loose, wreaking havoc in every part of our life. I AM a large fan of the importance to choose to pause and reset mind, heart and Spirit to operate in harmony. ~Rhonda Farrah, MA, DRWA, Author & Founder Help Me Rhonda Now International.


What I’ve read so far is AHHMAZING!!!! Yes I said AHHHHHMAZING!!It’s so on point. Putting the focus back on us and total self care. It’s so important. I can’t wait to read it in its entirety. ~Anita Hawkins, Founder and Executive Director of Find a Reason to Smile



Cordelia Gaffar is sincere in seeking to empower and encourage women of all ages to be free and authentically who they are. She has crafted a unique system to bring body, mind and heart together, drawing on ancient wisdom, yet accessible to modern women. Let her guide you home … to yourself!


~Robin Rose Author of: The Gift of Healing Herbs and Healing Magic-A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living

Get the book that started it all

The book that started it all. Workout Around My Day: The Only Health Guide Moms Need is both a guide/workbook and recipe book for creating sustainable self-nurturing practices and nutritious food. Walk through my journey with me as I guide you through your to create inner peace.


Here's a few activities in my book:


Join the 7 day portion control challenge, schedule in mini workouts throughout your day and create on self-nurturing as a lifestyle.

When Women Come Together For The Greater Good,

We Can Change The World.

Did you hear the news? I am part of a powerful collaborative effort with Oprah WinfreyMelinda GatesMalika Chopra and 46 other very accomplished women, including me! America's Leading Ladies gives you powerful stories and tools to continue with your mission in a challenging social and political climate!

You’ll also get parenting tips, chronic illness managing strategies and so much more!

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Downloadables and Masterclasses

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September 27, 2020

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May 25, 2020

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