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Replenish! Love in Detachment

Detached Love: Transforming Your Heart So That You can Transform Your Mind highlights my Replenish Me ™ Process, which is practicing sustainable mindfulness through courageously being aware of your emotions and present with your self-leadership. When you reflect, you will only always reflect your inner world when you lead others.


Detached Love gently guides leaders to a deep self-compassion, self-trust and connection to transform your heart, build stronger relationships and ultimately transform your mind.

Open yourself to being present, experiencing pleasure and allowing joy...that is the essence of loving in detachment. 


What I desire is for women to unlearn neediness, self-loathing, attachment and being slaves to their lower vibrational desires. We are the portal between worlds and have the capacity to vibrate at the highest frequencies #love #peace #gratitude AND first must allow ourselves the #freedom to do that. 

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Praise for Detached Love


Toni Jones,
Affirmation Music Artist​

This book is sooo good every woman needs to read it!

Anita Hawkins, Find a Reason to Smile

What I’ve read so far is AHHMAZING!!!! Yes I said AHHHHHMAZING!!It’s so on point. Putting the focus back on us and total self care. It’s so important. I can’t wait to read it in its entirety.

Tanja Bogataj, Executive Leadership Coach

You have already changed my work and world view on self-forgiveness.

Robin Rose Bennett, Author

Cordelia Gaffar is sincere in seeking to empower and encourage women of all ages to be free and authentically who they are. She has crafted a unique system to bring body, mind and heart together, drawing on ancient wisdom, yet accessible to modern women. Let her guide you home … to yourself!


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Get the book that started it all

The book that started it all. Workout Around My Day: The Only Health Guide Moms Need is both a guide/workbook and recipe book for creating sustainable self-nurturing practices and nutritious food. Walk through my journey with me as I guide you through your to create inner peace.


Here's a few activities in my book:


Join the 7 day portion control challenge, schedule in mini workouts throughout your day and create on self-nurturing as a lifestyle.

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