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Weekly and Monthly

Monthly Enjoy Unlearning Labels

On January 27th I  launched a new podcast with my wonderful two co-host Mira Griffiths and Peter Griffiths

The podcast explores all things relating to #diversity, #equity and #inclusion and their first topic is to dive into the Generational Gap.

We are excited to launch our collaborative podcast about all things diversity, equity and inclusion. For our first topic, we will dive into the Generational Gap. Join us live every last Wednesday of the month for the recording of each episode and continue the conversation with us on Clubhouse, every Thursday at 2 pm EST / 8 pm CET. Follow us on Clubhouse @themindtakeaway @cordeliagaffar @petergriffiths

If you would like us to help you address any of the topics we explore during the show, such as Diversity & Inclusion, Cultural Change, Leadership Development, or 121 Executive Coaching. Please contact us via or reach out to us via LinkedIn. 

Weekly Enjoy the Free to Be Show

Listen to my International Award Winning Podcast Weekly

Powerhouse Global Magazine recognized me at Best Podcast Host of 2019 in London. It's great to be honored by your peers. What's better is knowing that by extension, it means that you are powerfully impacting the world.


I won the Powerhouse Global Award for Best Podcast Host of 2019 in the UK and Volunteer of Year of DMV by ACHI magazine. In total, I've written 5 books including two co-author projects including best-selling America’s Leading Ladies: who positively impact the world with Oprah Winfrey, Malika Chopra, and several other dynamic women. In 2020 I have a few books soon to be released Smart Fem Success with Lea Woodford and my own book surrounding case studies and research on emotional mastery. Most recently she has been selected Ambassador of Peace by INSPAD and Director for the USA chapter.

So I've decided to share the wealth!

Look forward to more dynamic guest in 2020!



Are You Being an Advocate for Loving Yourself?

Toni Jones B FB event .png

On March 3, this coming Wednesday, this will be the final episode of the Free to Be Show for a while. And you will love the finale!


What does it look like to be an advocate for loving yourself, your choices and your play?


This is the best 40 plus minutes of your life to be in your body and heal your nervous system. Where is peace in your body? How are you showing loving yourself?


Toni Jones is an Affirmation Recording Artist and self-proclaimed Play Advocate. As you listen, answer for yourself where is love, joy and peace in your body?

TONI JONES, for six years has served as a well being leader and mental health advocate for women and youth, now as an Affirmation Musician She has found creative ways to promote the message of conscious well being and mental health. She hopes to inspire women to become more conscious about their well being in a culture that drowns women's entrepreneurship and empowerment with workaholism. One way that she creates to promote this message is through music. On March 19, 2019, during Women's History Month she launched “Affirmations for The Grown Ass Woman”. On May 28, 2020, during Mental Health Awareness Month she launched her EP “Affirmations and Chill” for everyone's inspiration to be more well during quarantine and during these current complex times in society. Her newly released album “I see Me Mantras” debut on World Mental Health Day 10.10.2020 Through her story, she embodies her brands message to “Wife Your Life” through well being. Through her affirmation albums she is spreading that message throughout the world. She was recognized by the State of Michigan as a Women's History Month honoree for her affirmation album she innovated as a wellness tool for women. It's fitting that this musical ingenuity is created straight outta the iconic city of Motown Detroit, Michigan. Toni believes that the new era of women's leadership is evolving with the core requirement being consciously committed to well being inside out starting with the way you talk to yourself!

#WifeYourLife is the affirmation movement we didn’t know we needed.

WIFE YOUR LIFE VIP MEMBERSHIP enrollment launches March1, 2021 find more info here.

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