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Workout Around My Day
This is the ultimate only health guide that moms need.

In this second edition, the reader learns how to discern whole food sources for healthy proteins, fats, fiber and key vitamins; time management tips for scheduling workouts and better understand the purpose of movement; building a self-nurturing program; tips for maintaining health year-round including holidays and healthier recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, even snacks and deserts. Workout Around My Day, Inc. is a total system of self-nurturing for mothers helping moms to take a stand for their health…and stress-less

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Detached Love: Transforming Your Heart So That You Can Transform Your Mind
Pre-Order Book

RELEASE Date March 2020

In this book we will dive deep into the inner and outer geography of our emotions, how we can release and express the negative and positive ones, where they live in the body how to receive them, how to restructure our mindset to pay attention to alert of an oncoming trigger; refresh our inner and outer world; who is worthy of being in our close circle of friends or who gets the privilege of highly influencing us; and finally how we can show up in the world as the power being we are meant to be in a full rebirth!

We will begin with the road map to nurture your emotions!

America's Leading Ladies
Hard cover paperback

America's Leading Ladies gives you powerful stories and tools to continue with your mission in a challenging social and political climate!

You’ll also get parenting tips, chronic illness managing strategies and so much more!

Once purchase is made, you will be mailed a signed copy of the book.


Work with Cordelia
Investing in yourself is so much deeper that a weekly a massage, it’s a complete mind shift. Replenish Me program is about reprogramming the way you perceive yourself and process life.
Are you ready to pull back the layers?

Replenish Me Live was created for YOU.

I know you are exhausted, overwhelmed, and ready for change.

I see YOU.

Are you crying out to be replenished? Do you understand what that means anymore?

During our day together, I will get you out of your head and into your heart. Feel your body again with true pleasure and intention. Stop numbing, ignoring and avoiding that you have feelings. You have them and it’s okay to feel them, to experience them, to be in them.

Like you, I’ve struggled staying in my head and driving myself nuts with swirling thoughts, ‘what if’ scenarios and deep judgement of others perception of me. It made me want to scream and so I did!...

That changed my entire world. I coughed choking on the air that I had trapped in the bottom of my lungs...the stale air of perfection. That day my husband wanted me to add one more thing to my insurmountable list of to dos. I wasn’t enough.

I already had my hands tied with homeschooling lessons, homeschooling community activities, soccer practices, making dinner, laundry, client calls and deadlines. Then to make matters worse, my husband wanted to add more...I thought, “Can he even see ME?”

I cried the tears of disappointment in my expectation of those closest to me

I felt my heart beat again like when I used to run, dance and play as a little girl

I laughed like that little girl and I hugged myself acknowledging that I had to be true to myself.

  • Free Training Starting to nurture yourself begins in the mind.

    As people joined my Replenish Me Facebook group, they responded to the poll:

    Do you want to learn how to be replenished in your mind?

    Do you want to gain emotional mastery?

    Do you want to be replenished in your body?

    Would you like to gain control over your life?

    During this three part free training understand the source of your thoughts, dive into what honors you and then let the world know.

    That means when you recognize your value and honor it you retrain people on to behave with you. This is a beginning step to valuing and honoring your own energy.

  • Replenish Me Online Course Replenish Me is all about nurturing your emotions to ignite your future. It’s that force that is your source of power and doable. The road map to nurturing your emotions is simple.

    Self-paced stand alone online course.

    Release - Self-compassion
    Restructure - Self-forgiveness

    Refresh - Self- Belief

    Rebirth - Showing up as my true self and self-trust

  • 30 Day Intensive WORK DIRECTLY WITH ME
    During our 4 weeks together, we will dive deep into self-compassion. Get results sooner in only 4 sessions!

    SPECIAL Women's Month PRICE!! $999


    - Dance to release your body

    - Deep mind work

    - Walk away with a new vision

    Release - Self-compassion

    Restructure - Self-forgiveness

    Refresh - Self- Belief

    Rebirth - Showing up as my true self and self-trust

  • Replenish Me Program and Retreat Would prefer to dive deeper?

    Join the community of visionaries and change makers with the full program with me including retreat

    Apply Today!

  • Essential Oils and Natural Products To help you on your immune system building journey, I have become a doTerra Wellness Advocate.

    There is power in essential oils beyond diffusing you can also apply it to your skin. Each month I will feature a new oil or product and its health benefits. For more information, connect with me directly.

  • Personalized Homeschool Consultation This is to give entrepreneurial moms tools to begin homeschooling their kids without the anxiety and stress.

    I'm offering a discount on your personalized homeschool consult. This is for you if you would like to dive deeper, schedule a personalized consultation with me at

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