Are you a Trailblazer?

Being a trailblazer can be exhilarating…if you allow. Do you have a vision within you that you have been hiding?


You have read every book and each one confuses you more


You have exceeded your personal development budget with every retreat, mastermind and "coach for high performers" only to find yourself face down, relationships mismanaged or broken


You are diligent in implementing every "tool" accurately and you still default to your old habits, behaviors and the comfort of your mask


I Can Help


Would you like to be in a community of like minded people, men and women, who are ready to explore their true depth?


I am creating a six month container beginning in mid March 2022 which includes two weekends in person and a full week retreat. All destinations are within the United States due to the travel

restrictions. Below is the focus of each month with a brief synopsis. This container is reserved for trailblazing, change making, people done with hiding, seeking an intensive experience to set their deepest desire free. The topics are in alignment with your desire to change the collective consciousness. Starting where you are, get honest about what YOUR values are not the ones with

which you have been going along. Creating habits to support them from a place of joy. Show up different…be a joy monger!


Allow yourself intimacy within, understand how to transform your sexual energy into productive energy. Achieve true presence. Restructure your life, Nurture Joy - Enhance your habits to deepen joy and fulfillment, change your way of being and how you show up; believe your values and beliefs; welcome abundance and achieve True Presence.

Are you in? - Let's set up a time to talk.


The Outcome - Step into being the Trailblazer you are!


If you are not ready for that, explore the options below.

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Holistic Wellness

Replenish Me ™ 

Replenish Me ™ is making changes on a cellular level! That means restyling your life through the lens of the six basic lifestyle essentials: air, food and drink, physical activity, sleep and wakefulness, emotions and feelings, and evacuation of waste. We start with this assessment to determine your body type and then I create specific to your body type. And that is only the beginning to create a skeleton of what is the driving force behind your choices.

The Replenish Me ™ Program is for you!

It will help you take your business and life to the next level 


By joining the program you will also get:


An opportunity to be part of a successful community of women


Create a road map to complete alignment


Less inner turmoil and more connection


Ways to be Replenished everyday in every way!

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Tree Pose
Super Health Food
Shadow on Concrete Wall

Be Present and Powerful 


Release the what you've been wrestling with. Let go of everything that does not serve, support, align with your goals and desired outcome.


Bring awareness to how we experience emotions in our body and how giving ourselves permission to fully experience them can make all of the difference.



Move your heart and mind towards being energy rich by fostering a new mental playlist of practices and messages which only honor you.



Emerge with a deeper knowing, self-compassion and self-belief.

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