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  • Replenish Your Body and Soul Webinar The ultimate transformation with two top experts: Lisa Swanson in Nutrition and Fitness and Cordelia in Emotional Mastery!
    February 20, 2020 at 7:00 PM
    The comfort of your home

    Lisa’s coaching focuses on fitness, nutrition, and mindset to help women lose weight and reclaim their waistline without deprivation diets or spending hours in the gym.

    As you know my program focuses on a four step process of reprogramming your habits, limiting beliefs and choices through leaning into the source of your emotions.

    When we realized how much our programs complement one another and how much it will accelerate your results, we knew we had to collaborate on creating the ultimate coaching experience.

    Amazing right!?!?

    Well, that’s how we feel!!

    We are thrilled to tell you about the brand-new FREE training we’ve put together for you.

    I have been listening to the struggles that women have with weight loss for a very long time and one of the key factors they have neglected to focus on is the muscle memory or emotional source.

    What we have discovered is, once you work on the “inner game” your entire weight loss journey becomes easier. And as your weight loss journey progresses through healthy balanced nutrition and exercises you release the stories attached to who you felt you were expected to be and become true to self.

    Why? because you’ve released the blocks that have been holding you back

    You see there isn’t much separation from your inner self and your physical self.

    Being fed up with the diet industry perpetuating this problem we felt obligated to teach you the truth about sustained techniques to pour into who you truly desire to be inside and out.

    But you may be wondering if this is the right workshop for you?

    You’re in the right place if you’re a woman who is…

    • Confused and frustrated with the abundance of weight loss information out there and you don’t know where to begin
    • Done with quick-fix diets and computer generate workouts that at best deliver temporary results
    • Tired of making choices based on everyone else’s needs
    • Sick of listening to the negative talk of your monkey mind
    • Ready to feel connected physically, emotionally, and mentally

    Can you relate?

    Then it’s time to make a change. Here’s all the info you need

  • Replenish Me Live Dallas Are you constantly seeking validation or lack confidence even though you are a recognized expert in your field or accomplished change maker?
    March 7, 2020 at 10:00 AM
    Tarrant County Community College

    Explore life when your focus is all about: "Replenish Me!"

    During this event we will dive deep compassion for yourself. Enjoy:
    - Dance to release your body- Deep mind work- Walk away with a new vision
    As your hostess, Cordelia Gaffar, The Emotions Opener, I will help you to show up in excellence and grace by using your emotions as a power source!
    Co-host, Charlotte M. Watson, will help to strengthen the mind so the body can take flight. Charlotte M. Watson, a seasoned educator, entrepreneur, author, and speaker, blends her passion for growth and development with a determination to help women heal from hurts and lifelong wounds. She has spent her time bringing sisters together to be motivated, encouraged and inspired as they break free from a life of toxicities in order to discover their potential to live healthy and whole.

    Sound like something you need?
    Reserve your spot and bring a friend!

  • Women's Rise One Day Retreat I’m super excited to be part of this event to raise the vibration, hearts, minds and souls of women!
    Join me and two very inspiring leaders for a full day retreat just outside of Washington DC.
    March 15, 2020 at 8:00 AM
    Springhill Suites by Marriott, Gainesville, VA

    Celebrate International Women's Day this month by celebrating the power of women with us!

    Join three inspirational women leaders as they share their personal journeys to success and empower you to make your own.

    This is a transformational one day retreat that will leave you feeling replenished and elevated! You will FEEL the difference by the end of the day!Learn how to SHINE your own light and stand truly in your own POWER!

    Space is limited so BOOK today! We have three options for pricing, so pick the one best for you and celebrate the joys of WOMANHOOD!

    Come on sisters.....ROAR!!!

    Class Descriptions:

    1) Heart Awakening Meditation with Uma
    Sometimes we doubt our purpose and our reasoning to keep going. Don't. Join Uma in this inspirational and awakening meditation to remind you why you are here.

    2) Elevate with Yahya
    Raise your vibrations, don’t stay stuck in the slumps of your circumstances. Together we will briefly recant what traumas we hold on to and learn 3 steps to RISE above it.

    3) Essential Emotions Demonstration with Yahya
    In this short demonstration, Yahya introduces the healing powers of essential oils in resetting your moods and emotions within 30 secs. Learn about natural healing in an easy and enjoyable format!

    4) Replenish Me with Cordelia
    It all begins with you. The Replenish Me reset principle means that you take your power back by reprogramming your body or subconscious, mind and soul. Start by making space with releasing in a full brain dump of what has not been working or patterns that you have been repeating with worse results every time.

    5) Shine with Uma
    Uma recounts her rags to riches story as she transitioned from a life of mental and physical abuse, living in a third world country and outcasted as the black sheep of her community to thriving and living her best life. Have you ever wanted to SHINE from your place of darkness? Do you want to learn how to accept the wrongness of you?

    Join Uma as she inspires you to find your own light and share it with the world. A highly emotional and transformative experience that will leave you uplifted and energized.

    6) Happy Bubble Meditation with Cordelia
    We will close the day with Happy Bubble Mediation to embody and hold what we have created throughout the day to bring back to your world.
    Retreat Outline:

    7.30am-8am VIP Check-In/Priority Seating

    8am-8.30am: Registration &Continental Breakfast

    8.30am-8.50am: Heart Awakening Meditation with Uma

    9am-10.30am: Elevate with Yahya

    10.30am-10.45am: Essential Emotions Demonstration with Yahya

    11am-12.30pm: Replenish Me with Cordelia

    12.30pm-2pm: Lunch Break on your own

    2.30pm-4pm: Shine with Uma

    4.15pm-4.30pm: Happy Bubble Meditation with Cordelia

    4.30pm-5pm: Panel Discussion with Speakers

    About the Speakers:

    1) Yahaira Marie: Yahaira Stewart is the owner of ZEMZ Events, Yahya’s Busy Bees and co-owner of The Zen Lounge. Yahya is an ambassador for the Manassas Holistic Chamber of Commerce and a member of Prince William Chamber of Commerce as well.

    2) Cordelia Gaffar: Cordelia Gaffar is an award winning Transformation Coach and Emotions Opener helping women to use their emotions as a power source.

    3) Uma Alexandra Beepat: Uma is the CEO and owner of The Lotus and The Light Metaphysical Center, Lotus Wellness Center, President of the Manassas Holistic Chamber of Commerce and Elite doTERRA Wellness Advocate


    Early Bird Pricing before January 31st: $95

    Regular Pricing: $125

    V.I.P Pricing: $195
    Swag bags, priority seating, photo op with speakers, 30 min clarity conversation

    To Register/Pay: www.ZEMZRISE.eventbrite.com

    💥Please note all payments are NON REFUNDABLE💥

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