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You have a choice of perception of how to communicate as a leader. Your words create your reality. It is all about willingness

"You can care for people without carrying them”. One of the leaders, who has been my client for the past year, shared this profound awakening which resonated with all who attended the "Being Present with Love" Virtual Retreat. I have witnessed her transformation from "professional overachiever" to a relaxed, healthy and fulfilled human being.

In October, you will pick up where we left off and fine tune showing up in your power. In fact, You are your Power! You have a choice of perception of how to communicate as a leader. Your words create your reality. It is all about the willingness to communicate. These three empowering themes over four hours integrating the practice of self-compassion, self-forgiveness, self-awareness and self-trust take it to the next level by restructuring your thoughts and habits. Half day virtual retreat for men and women whether you are a:


  • Corporate leader

  • Entrepreneur

  • Team Leader

During our time together we will pull back the layers of individual value and psychological safety, team synergies, and overall company performance. It all starts with each individual and how each one promotes or suppresses team dynamics and the role company policies play in maintaining the status quo.

The power is directly related to how replenished each individual shows up. Your level of personal passion to succeed vs surviving another day affects how present you are in each moment of your day professionally and personally. It is time to collectively connect the dots of the human experience to company performance.


Inquire about packages for teams.

I will be presenting Sexual Assumptions and Black Women in the Workplace during the #AmplifyDEI summit, which will take place from the 27th till the 29th of September 2021.

When sexual harassment happens in the workplace, it is not taken seriously and even moreso with Black women. The assumption that “she asked for it” or “she wanted it” is a carry over from the “Angry Black Woman” assumption. The level of disrespect for Black female colleagues is the unspoken Elephant in the room.

In my talk I will bring light to what it is and how you can bring more equity and belonging when it comes to hearing the concerns of your Black female staff and leadership.

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What's Your Body Type?

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Above the Clouds

Do you know your boundaries when it comes to physical capacity? How much sleep are you willing to miss to keep the peace? Perhaps you have been able to do it for months and then you buckle under the pressure and start complaining. Your complaining falls on deaf ears and it becomes resentment. What you don't realize is that your pattern of behavior, doing whatever it takes to "get it done" has created a default state of "she can handle" in others. Your resentment is unfounded and unjustifiable because you have trained them to accept you in that way. They are now conditioned to rely on your behavior patterns as a "strength" or habit. Whereas all along you were hoping to model behavior your desired of others. 


The problem is if you never say" I am going to do this so that you will know how to do this or know to do this" no one sees you...breathe that in. 


Deeply reflect on areas in your life where you are consistently resentful. Honestly, review when and how it all started. What was your part in that? You may find that you were on autopilot or doing busy work in the beginning or mindlessly escaping something you did not want to speak up about and creating another communication barrier. Your choices are so powerful. Your words are even moreso, whether they are spoken or not. Sometimes the unspoken words are the ones that hurt you the most. What would it take for you to change that?

I call it being in your Beingness. It doesn't require going into the forest or hiking. You can make that choice right now at this moment. Your power is in your presence with NOW. The time is only ever NOW.



Dates: October 23 and 24, 2021

Time: 8 am - 12 pm 

Price: $300 (9/3 - 9/19) Early Bird

Regular Price: $500


Capacity: 20-22 women

Day One - Elements of the Yin (feminine)


Earth - movement by Nicole


Nicole will guide you into your body using the attributes of Earth including balance, abundance, trust, nurturing, grounding, rooted, safety, and alignment.


Followed by my explorative reflection - How does that feel in your body? 


You will continue into the attributes of Metal with Nicole to Release and Let Go. Going from externally focused to internally focused. Embracing Yin. Going within. “Releasing the Dead Leaves.” Corresponding Season is Fall. Embracing Courage, Embodying Strength.

What are you attached to? Where are you willing to cut energetic cords?

Are you willing to embrace courage and strength? What is necessary for you to do that?


You will end the day unleashing your Water attributes allowing the Dying to the Old Self, embracing serenity, cultivating peace and tranquility. During meditation, you will release fear. Nature is replenishing itself and so should we. Purification and Cleansing. 


Are you willing to go deep? What are you willing to let die? This is your opportunity to incubate and conceptualize your next..Allow your wisdom to guide you - You go deeper into the ocean of your being. You will close the day nourishing your yoni, sexual power, sexual energy and reclaim your body image.

Day Two - Elements of Yang (masculine)


Beginning with dance to regenerate your wood attributes. Day two is about rebirth, blossoming, becoming, (Embracing Kindness and Generosity and Releasing Anger, Resentment) Growth; Upward Movement. Forgiveness. Release the heart and shed what no longer serves. 


The second half of the day and retreat closes with you embodying your attributes of Fire! Know what action your life requires. You will be in action, activation, power, love, and joy! Embracing Love. Opening and Expanding the Heart. Cultivating Joy, Bliss, and Patience. Awakening Sexual vitality. Owning Pleasure for Heart Opening Exercise, Dance,  Assertive/ Power in speech




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Elizabeth Lembke

Founding Member L&D Cares

Cordelia makes a beautiful and honest impact wherever she goes and wherever she showcases what it means to show up. Cordelia is truly a thought-leader, unique in her approach in heart and mind. I was honored when she agreed to discuss the topic of Allyship for the recent @L&D Cares Career Growth Summit during the section dedicated to Diversity, Inclusion, and 21st Century Competencies. Her approach via Replenish Me, to hone in on what it means to act with civil courage and heart to help one another rise up was excellently received.

Front Portrait 2.png

Abby El-Asmar

Founder of Ummahpreneur and

Cordelia Gaffar brings light to everywhere she goes and every conversation she joins! I had the pleasure of connecting with her and interviewing her on our Ummahpreneur Live podcast, and the insights she shared with our audience were not only powerful, but transformational as well! She is a true professional that has what it takes to benefit her clients, her partners, and any organization she collaborates with!


Jennifer Brick

Founder of 

I just attended a wonderful talk of Cordelia's on Allyship and DEI at the L&D Cares Career Growth Summit. When I saw her talk listed, it was the one I was most excited to attend, and Cordelia did not disappoint! Her presence is calm, powerful, and beautiful. It was deep, thought-provoking, and loving. There was no judgement and she created a space that many felt safe to share in. I left with ideas on how I can be a better ally, encourage allyship, and some tactical strategies for grounding. What struck me most, especially with this emotional topic and in these complex times was how effectively she was able to build hope and lead the conversation from a positive place. Amazing session. Amazing speaker. I can't say enough good things about Cordelia.

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Founder & CEO of CiCis Creative Concepts LLC

I received such great information and things to think about in Cordelia's 5-Day Replenish Me Boot Camp. She is a fountain of Knowledge, Wisdom and Grace. I always feel as though I'm in the presence of a Queen whenever I'm in her space and I always learn something new! The 5-Day Replenish Me Boot Camp gives you a chance to reset, take a break from the hustle and bustle and focus on you. It is truly a Self-Care moment, so if you aren't doing that right now, I highly encourage you to join.

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