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I created an Instagram series called 5 Ways I Robbed Myself of Joy. That was for me to introspect out loud. I really looked at myself deeply creating this series. Then I wrote an article for you to reflect on. (The full article is published in Brainz Magazine. You can also follow me on instagram for the video version.)

Then I thought to myself, how could I create only joy? And of course, I am going to share everything with you in my free masterclass. That is my first gift to you! 

5 ways to Only Create Joy

Can you imagine a world where everything you do and say creates more of what you truly desire?


What if your thoughts could be realized without you saying a word?


Does that sound too good to be true or are you intrigued? Join me in this one hour masterclass and literally turn your life around.

Tips for Creating Joy

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Cordelia Gaffar is the World’s Best Joy Monger. That means that she holds space for you to reveal your joy within. Joy Mongering is a word she created after experiencing the brunt of people’s fear as a Muslim woman. In fact she has created a process she calls Replenish Me ™ to help you transmute fear, rage and anger into Joy. In one of her eight books, Detached Love: Transforming Your Heart Do That You Transform Your Mind, she breaks down the Replenish Me ™ process through her research, client stories and her personal vulnerable shares.


She is also the host of two host podcasts. She won Best Podcast Host for her solo show called Free to Be Show and collaborates as a co-host on Unlearning Labels. The multidimensional genius she is, is further demonstrated as the mother of six children whom I homeschooled for 17 years.  In summary, she has won multiple awards: Best Podcast Host of 2019, Top National Influencer, Sexy Brilliant Leader, and inducted into the Global Library of Female Authors in 2020; and in 2021 nominated for Author of the Year and Health and Wellness Coach of the Year. She has also won the Brainz Global 500 Award of Influencers and Entrepreneurs for 2021 and won BOOKS for PEACE 2022 award.


She has been featured on America Meditating Radio, British Muslim TV, Spirituality Podcast, also featured on South African radio 786, and Fox News.

Cordelia Gaffar, The World's Best Joy Monger

Take your first step to Joy

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Liz L.jpeg
Elizabeth Lembke

Passion for transformation: be it work, culture, talent, or HR as Chief Talent Navigator. Publisher Transforming Talent Insights - Director L&D Cares: Career Growth Lead - Co-Host RCIRCLE - - HRimprov

Cordelia makes a beautiful and honest impact wherever she goes and wherever she showcases what it means to show up. Cordelia is truly a thought-leader, unique in her approach in heart and mind. I was honored when she agreed to discuss the topic of Allyship for the recent @L&D Cares Career Growth Summit during the section dedicated to Diversity, Inclusion, and 21st Century Competencies. Her approach via Replenish Me, to hone in on what it means to act with civil courage and heart to help one another rise up was excellently received.

Zakiya Mabery

DEIA Strategist| Corporate Trainer| International Speaker| Author|Lived Experience Mental Health Storyteller

Cordelia, I appreciate you encouraging me to use my voice. I will forever remember you pointing out to me I am blessed to be a vehicle to discover biases in processes and systems. As I had thought it was a negative trait you highlighted the positive in it.

Thank You for your global work in the equity and inclusion realm! ❤️

“The current structure a ‘modified’ version of a slavery system.” So profound! You are a beautiful soul inside and out. 🤗

As I continue to heal from traumas I will work with colleagues, stakeholders and ally’s to truly remove attitudinal barriers.

Devina Kaur

Radio Host & Producer | 𝐒𝐄𝐗𝐘 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐈𝐀𝐍𝐓™️ Non Profit Foundation | Top25 Immigrant Award 🇨🇦 | Teacher via K.A.U.R.™️ Method | Author: Too Fat Too Loud Too Ambitious |

A firebrand, a movement, a phenomena. Cordelia is leading the way for many women to be who they are. Cordelia is also very sensitive and has an old wisdom soul, it's a pleasure to work with you Cordelia, More power to you! and Thank you! 💞 #SexyBrilliant

Marie Martin.jpeg
Marie Martin

Doctoral Candidate | Instructional Designer | eLearning | Curriculum Development | Distance Learning | Learning Experience Designer | Corporate Training | Consulting | Educational Leadership | Equity Specialist

Cordelia is an amazing and inspiring speaker. She empowers, motivates, and speaks truth to power. She is unapologetically committed to uplifting all woman from all origins to be themselves and show up authentically in any situation.

Candi B..jpg

Founder & CEO of CiCis Creative Concepts LLC

I received such great information and things to think about in Cordelia's 5-Day Replenish Me Boot Camp. She is a fountain of Knowledge, Wisdom and Grace. I always feel as though I'm in the presence of a Queen whenever I'm in her space and I always learn something new! The 5-Day Replenish Me Boot Camp gives you a chance to reset, take a break from the hustle and bustle and focus on you. It is truly a Self-Care moment, so if you aren't doing that right now, I highly encourage you to join.