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Has pleasure been taboo for you? And how do you approach joy? What is your belief surrounding blending pleasure and joy? Perhaps it is that you don't trust yourself.

For four hours come and explore trusting yourself with your deepest desires. For four hours you will experience what pleasure means to you and how to enjoy that. For four hours being present with love in full trust that it is not taboo only always your human right. I love to start with defining the terms we are using. Knowing where you feel that in your body and the BEST part is why it tingles that spot!

Are you willing to GO THERE???? Now an outdoor experience instead of online!

You know you want to...this has been your deepest DESIRE for eons!

Did you know that pleasure is the shadow of joy? Shocking right?

Experiencing pleasure of something you like is as if you are only scratching the surface. Allowing joy is to ENJOY it! Be enveloped in joy. Call your soul back into your body by allowing a full body experience of joy! That’s the therapy.

This deep connection with yourself ripples throughout all the part of your you show up as a leader, a colleague, a friend, an intimate partner, a parent. Joy is the ultimate emotion which allows you to embody the full human experience. Without joy you can not know love. Without love you can not express compassion, connection or true success.

On my self-nurturing journey, I have discovered that the more grounded I am in my self-trust and belief the easier it is to speak what I truly desire into existence. I call it #presence Let me be honest, that was only half of the process. The more difficult part was learning how to #receive what I desired when it manifested. Share your experience of seeking, desiring and receiving. Join me on August 14th to dive deeper! 


The next chapter of your life is already happening. It is in front of you behind the veil that you refuse to touch. That touch is what you must commit to...and what is that commitment? Being present for yourself with love. Choosing to create the actions that generate love within instead of seeking it outside of you. Sometimes you love the comfort of intention because that’s where “everyone else is living and I have to be be “normal” sometimes” know not aspiring to change your patterns or even been a role model for your children...sometimes you prefer to committing to being a woman with breath in your body and enjoying dark chocolate and warm sun on your body THAT is your  Beingness right now.

This event is taken out of the principles in Detached Love: Transforming Your Heart So That You can Transform Your Mind. This book highlights the Replenish Me ™ Process created by Cordelia Gaffar, which is practicing sustainable mindfulness through courageously being aware of your emotions and present with your self-leadership. You reflect you will only always reflect your inner world when you lead others. Detached Love gently guides leaders to a deep self-compassion, self-trust and connection to transform your heart, build stronger relationships and ultimately transform your mind.

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The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

My Replenish Me ™ Sanctuary will help you take your business and life to the next level




  • An opportunity to be part of a successful community 


  • Create a road map to complete alignment


  • More connection and more abundance

  • Ways to be Replenished everyday in every way!


Liz L.jpeg

Elizabeth Lembke

Founding Member L&D Cares

Cordelia makes a beautiful and honest impact wherever she goes and wherever she showcases what it means to show up. Cordelia is truly a thought-leader, unique in her approach in heart and mind. I was honored when she agreed to discuss the topic of Allyship for the recent @L&D Cares Career Growth Summit during the section dedicated to Diversity, Inclusion, and 21st Century Competencies. Her approach via Replenish Me, to hone in on what it means to act with civil courage and heart to help one another rise up was excellently received.

Front Portrait 2.png

Abby El-Asmar

Founder of Ummahpreneur and

Cordelia Gaffar brings light to everywhere she goes and every conversation she joins! I had the pleasure of connecting with her and interviewing her on our Ummahpreneur Live podcast, and the insights she shared with our audience were not only powerful, but transformational as well! She is a true professional that has what it takes to benefit her clients, her partners, and any organization she collaborates with!


Jennifer Brick

Founder of 

I just attended a wonderful talk of Cordelia's on Allyship and DEI at the L&D Cares Career Growth Summit. When I saw her talk listed, it was the one I was most excited to attend, and Cordelia did not disappoint! Her presence is calm, powerful, and beautiful. It was deep, thought-provoking, and loving. There was no judgement and she created a space that many felt safe to share in. I left with ideas on how I can be a better ally, encourage allyship, and some tactical strategies for grounding. What struck me most, especially with this emotional topic and in these complex times was how effectively she was able to build hope and lead the conversation from a positive place. Amazing session. Amazing speaker. I can't say enough good things about Cordelia.

Candi B..jpg


Founder & CEO of CiCis Creative Concepts LLC

I received such great information and things to think about in Cordelia's 5-Day Replenish Me Boot Camp. She is a fountain of Knowledge, Wisdom and Grace. I always feel as though I'm in the presence of a Queen whenever I'm in her space and I always learn something new! The 5-Day Replenish Me Boot Camp gives you a chance to reset, take a break from the hustle and bustle and focus on you. It is truly a Self-Care moment, so if you aren't doing that right now, I highly encourage you to join.

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